Danish Sheikh is one of the most renowned charisma coaches in the world. He is credited with being the first charisma coach in India and Dubai, before expanding to London. He primarily works with C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, politicians and Bollywood actors.

He is associated with Europe’s largest speaker bureau, London Speaker Bureau as a keynote speaker. He has delivered a popular TEDx talk and often delivers guest lectures at the leading business schools.

Danish Sheikh is the founder of a leadership consultancy company,‘Danish Sheikh International’, which is headquartered in Dubai. Most of his clients are based out of London, Dubai and Mumbai.

He has over 12 years of corporate work experience with Lionbridge, Microsoft, Yahoo! and The Nielsen Company at various managerial levels. He holds the record for being the youngest International Product Manager in Yahoo’s history.


Danish Sheikh is sharing his ‘Be Charismatic!” programme with the Youth of today helping them to become the Leaders of tomorrow by developing the much needed soft skills in today’s competitive business world.

He aims to reach out to 100,000 individuals by the end of 2017. His ability to study and teach a concept as abstract as charisma scientifically and tangibly makes him one of a kind.

Personal Interests

Danish is an avid traveller. Apart from travelling to every nook and corner of India, he has spent a considerable time traveling in the USA, UK, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Hong Kong, UAE and Thailand.